The Solar-Powered Light that

Transforms Dark Yards into a Stunning & Bright Yards

Installs in Minutes

Saves You Money

Feel Safer at Home

Solar Powered

A Fraction of the Cost

Installs in Minutes

Won’t Increase Your Power Bill



Solarize™ - The “DIY” Home Upgrade

This breakthrough invention is the ultimate DIY lighting solution. Homeowners are using it to upgrade their homes in minutes for a fraction of the cost. It’s secret is it uses super-efficient solar panels that store the sun’s energy during the day. So at night your home is light up with ultra bright light for up to 10 hours.

And, Solarize is super easy to install. Just use the brackets to place the lights wherever you want. You don’t need to worry about complicated wires, replacing batteries, or calling an expensive electrician.

Installs in Just a Few Minutes

No Expensive Installation

No Complicated Wiring

Step 1

Attach the Sturdy Bracket

Step 2

Screw the Solarizes into Your Desired Location

Step 3

Enjoy the Stunning Light Around Your Home

Solarize™ is Perfect for:






Garage Doors

Upgrade Your Home Today & Get 50% Off

Stop Living with a Dark & Boring Yard

Why Homeowners Love Solarize™



Thanks to the high-quality material, Solarize resists even the most stubborn weather.

Easy Setup

Just pick where you want to place them and then use the easy brackets to install them in minutes.

Saves You Time

You can adjust this light to make it point anywhere you want. It’s so easy even a 5-year-old could adjust it.

Solar Powered

Thanks to the super-efficient solar panels, Solarize harnesses the free energy of the sun to shower your home with ultra bright light.

Saves You Money

Don’t run up your electricity bill installing some expensive, wired lights. Solarize keeps your home bright & beautiful for a fraction of the cost.

Dusk to Dawn Setting

During the day, the Solarizes are off and charging. And at night, the lights automatically turn on to make your home look stunning.

Upgrade Your Home Today & Get 50% Off

Stop Living with a Dark & Boring Yard

Ultra Bright LED Light

Transform Any Dark Area

Use it Anywhere

Feel Safe at Home

Upgrade Your Home in


Upgrade Your Home Today & Get 50% Off

Stop Living with a Dark & Boring Yard

Why Should I Choose Solarize


Solar Powered

No Batteries Required

30 Day

Satisfaction Guarantee


Automatic Technology 


High-Quality Material 

No Wiring Needed

Installs in Minutes


No Maintenance

Super Bright

LED Lights 

of Dollars

Cost Thousands

Other Solar Lights

Other Outdoor Lights

Upgrade Your Home Today & Get 50% Off

Stop Living with a Dark & Boring Yard

Thousands of Happy Customers


Americans are loving how glamorous their homes look with Solarize!

“Other lights I had in my yard sent my power bill through the roof. A friend recommended I try these and I have to say, I didn’t think they would work well. But these lit up the front of the house better than my previous lights! I can’t believe I wasted so much money on those..”

- Mason A, Los Angeles

“The pathway on the side of my house was so dark. Everytime I had to take out the trash I was scared. I put these on the fence along that side of the house and wow.. I can finally see where I am walking. Wish I would have got them sooner”

- Amanda H, Denver

“My yard always gets pitch black at night. So much so that I don’t go out because I can’t see anything. Well, my neighbor told me about these and I decided to at least try them out because there wasn’t much to lose. My house looks so good now. And I installed them in less than 15 minutes”

- Joseph H, Dallas

“My husband and I just bought a new house that had no outdoor lights.When we came across these lights online we decided to order a few to try them out. The next day we ordered 12 more of them. They are unbelievably bright. And it only took Tom around 10 minutes to put them up. I also feel a little safer knowing there is light outside”

- Lisa G, Chicago

Upgrade Your Home Today & Get 50% Off

Stop Living with a Dark & Boring Yard



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Upgrade Your Home Today & Get 50% Off

Stop Living with a Dark & Boring Yard

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